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GATE Mobile's products are designed to add value to our customers. The traditional way of purely providing an IT solution has proven to limit the value we provide and enables us to get strategic feedback from our customer base.
GIG Institute

The Generational Inheritance Group provides training on financial principles and life skills, and enables people to administer their fiances differently.
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GATE Compliance

Business Compliance often requires companies to show that their total staff complement are deemed competent on legislation. GATEMobile, together with legal experts provide mobile-based solutions that are cost effective to implement. The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act is a key example of this.
GATE Compliance


The South African Curriculum-based material is available to all learners through their Mobile Phonei or any PC. Search for Quizmax in the Android and Windows Phone App stores.


Gatting a South African Learners and Driving Licenses can be a daunting process. DriveMax takes you through the whole process and prepares you for the test. All this on-line or get the Android or Windoes Phone App
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