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GATEMobile's go-to-market strategy embraces partnerships in vertical markets, enhancing the value of solutions provided to the end-user.
Below are our current partners. Other are in the pipe-line.


Allegra enables healthcare providers to adapt to current and future patient care challenges.

South African Schools (SASN)

SASN focuses on an integrated netball program that caters for all, and the growth of netball in regions where it is not played fully Try the app

Academy for a Young Africa (AFAYA)

Leadership and Entrepreneurship initiatives for Africa Try the app

Sports for Development (S4D)

S4D is a UNICEF initiative with the aim to promote the integration of Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) policy recommendations into the national and international development strategies of national Governments. Try the Android or Windows Phone app.

Academy for a Young

Leadership and Entrepreneurship development for the contenent of Africa

Alpha Pharmacy

Your first step to Health Care. For all your health care needs.


Gate Mobile is a proud Microsoft BizSpark member and values their support in developing our company. Gate Mobile is fully based on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Learning to the Max Foundation

Learning to the Max Foundation is a non-profit company serving the needs of Maths and Physical Science education in South Africa
3 Tiers
3 Tiers is a Quality Management System (QMS), ISO and productivity consultancy. They have more than 30 years experience in the international market. Try the app

the Marketing Suite

the Marketing Suite's strong network and innovative strategic marketing perspective, makes it ideal for Gate Mobile to partner in entering new markets.

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